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Keep your organizational Data secure

Best in class data security features enabled

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Manage diverse customer needs and offer them tailored prices

Custom Licenses suiting needs of different organizations

Different organizations have different needs. Choose the option that suits your size and scale best.

Tool for consultants to better manage their Client’s Certification journey

A set of pre-designed templates that can meet most of the needs for implementation

One stop Compliance for Government Contractors

A convenient way to access the main criteria for certification in a single location.

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Accelerate your work by organizing your files in one place

Our service helps you achieve certification faster and easier by facilitating teamwork and reducing obstacles

USGovCert, a tool which makes your certification journey easy !

USGovCert helps organizations achieve global standards with ease. Our cloud service lets you choose the standards and licenses for your projects and self-certify them in no time.

Solution that organizes for you
Accelerate your certification process with our tool that enables you to organize and work more effectively.

Consolidate all your certification requirements
Utilize a comprehensive platform that shows you the steps to achieve your certification goals.

Consolidate your data
Access your information anytime and anywhere, and it is always current. Your data stays synchronized across your organization.

A robust platform, built with intelligence


Message from President

Usgovcert President

Philip Denny

President, USGovCert

Welcome to USGovCert! I appreciate your time, so let me get to the point. I want to introduce you to an innovative platform that can help you on your certification journey: USGovCert!

USGovCert was born out of my frustration with the lack of tools in the market for securely and efficiently managing the unstructured artifacts that government contractors must handle on their certification journey. Of course, Microsoft Office or Google Docs are useful tools for a small business to store or manage their certification artifacts. But by themselves, they do not provide the structure that is essential for a smooth and efficient certification process. USGovCert provides that structure. The USGovCert platform makes it easy to securely organize your team to support your certification journey. You can assign roles such as “Contributor”, “Reviewer”, and “Project Manager” to your team members. You can also invite your external consultant(s) to join your certification process.

As a small business, your environment is constantly changing. Sometimes those changes affect your certification status. With our tool, you can easily capture and document any changes that impact your certification within the tool. This information makes the process of your annual recertification, in the case of NIST 800 or CMMC level 1, or triennial recertification, in the case of ISO or CMMI Level 3, much easier.

These are some of the key features of the USGovCert platform, a platform designed to make the certification journey easier for small and midsize government contractors.

Please explore our site for a full list of the many benefits our platform offers you.

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