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The NIST framework helps organizations improve their cybersecurity practices and communicate effectively with stakeholders. It is not mandatory, but a set of best practices to reduce and manage cyber risks.

USGovCert tool supports following NIST standards

NIST 800-53 – Assessing Security and Privacy Controls in Federal Information Systems and Organizations

NIST 800-171 – Safeguard CUI in the IT Networks of Government Contractors and Sub-contractors

NIST 800-53

NIST 800-53 is a security compliance standard created by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the National Institute of Standards in Technology in response to the rapidly developing technological capabilities of national adversaries. It compiles controls recommended by the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL).

NIST 800-171

NIST 800-171 provides recommended requirements for protecting the confidentiality of controlled unclassified information (CUI). It provides guidelines on how CUI should be securely accessed, transmitted, and stored in nonfederal information systems and organizations.

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