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CIS operates as a trusted resource, providing a wide range of services, guidance, and tools to organizations, governments, and individuals. Its primary goal is to help prevent cyber threats and vulnerabilities by promoting best practices and implementing proactive security measures.

Here are a few Goals of CIS

Enhancing cybersecurity practices

Promotes cybersecurity best practices through guidance and frameworks

Secure configurations and protection against cyber threats

Vulnerability assessments and risk management guidance

Analysing and contain cyber breaches.

Enhance their overall cybersecurity posture and reduce vulnerabilities.

Strengthen cybersecurity practices globally

CIS is a non-profit organization that promotes cybersecurity readiness. It develops best practices and benchmarks for securing IT systems, such as the CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks. CIS collaborates with experts to provide resources and services for organizations, including security assessments, training, and incident response. Its goal is to help improve cybersecurity posture and protect against common threats in both the public and private sectors.

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